Vitamin C Requirement

ancestry dna test malaysia - vitamin c

Our bodies need certain substances to function normally. Vitamins are organic compounds that are usually supplemented by nutrition since the body cannot produce them naturally. Vitamins are vital in body functions such as cell function and development. Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins and is required by the body. 


What is Vitamin C? 

Vitamin C is a six-carbon lactone that humans cannot produce and must be received via nutrition. Vitamin C aids in the creation of collagen, the maintenance of capillaries, the development of bones and teeth, and the absorption of iron. Vitamin C is derived from natural sources in fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, and particular vitamin C-fortified foods and supplements. Vitamin C is Vital in repairing and growing all body tissues making it essential for the immune system. Being such an essential vitamin, vitamin C deficiency can be dangerous. 


The effects of Vitamin C deficiency 

After 8 to 12 weeks of insufficient consumption, vitamin C insufficiency appears symptomatically as irritability and anorexia. Dermatologic observations after these first symptoms include poor wound healing, gingival swelling with tooth loss, mucocutaneous petechiae, ecchymosis, and hyperkeratosis. These symptoms are dangerous and can cause long-term effects. Severe and prolonged vitamin C deficiency may lead to scurvy, increased risk of cardiovascular diseases (development of hypercholesterolaemia and atherosclerosis), impaired immunity, and higher susceptibility to infections.


ancestry dna test malaysia - vitamin c

How much is enough? 

Vitamin C requirement is different from person to person therefore it is important to find out how much vitamin C your body requires. This is because too much Vitamin C can have side effects such as diarrhoea and nausea. For this reason, it is important to understand how much vitamin C your body requires and not overdose on your supplementation. To find out how much Vitamin C is required for your body it is recommended to do a DNA test that checks for your nutritional requirements. MyPreciseDNA offers a range of traits that can be tested for including Vitamin C requirement under the nutrition category


How can a DNA test help me? 

A comprehensive DNA test such as MyPreciseDNA offers many nutritional traits and categories that can assist you in understanding what your body needs. Balancing your diet to fit your requirements is not an easy task as every person is different. Having a tailored diet centred around your requirements is important to ensure proper consumption of healthy nutrients such as vitamins. The DNA test does not only include nutritional traits, but it also provides you with a report for 129 traits and 15 categories ranging from your physical health to your mental health making it a great resource for you to stay healthy and keep track. There are many reasons for getting a DNA test, but knowing your vitamin C intake requirement is only the tip of the iceberg.  


How do I solve Vitamin C deficiency? 

Vitamins are vital building elements of your nutritional pyramid and should be prioritised and supplemented appropriately. Making sure you get enough vitamin C is crucial, and you may do so by keeping track of your intake. Vitamin C is found naturally in fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, and some vitamin C-fortified foods and supplements. (Keep track of the supplement and your intake.) Vitamin C supplementation is popular, supplementing the overall amount of vitamin C obtained through meals. Around 70-90% of vitamin C is absorbed in modest doses of 30-180 mg/day. However, at dosages greater than 1g/day, absorption drops to less than 50%, and the unabsorbed vitamin C is eliminated in the urine. To make sure you are supplementing your body with enough Vitamin C you can try adding these 7 vitamin C-high foods into your diet.


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