Understand your diet better

Improve Your Health Now with myPreciseDNA Wellness. This profile reveals your body’s response to food and nutrients, your allergies, food breakdown, weight and metabolism. With this knowledge, you can plan your meals better, not only to eat right, but also to avoid food that may cause you more harm than good

Prevent Ageing and Diseases

Our genes give us answers to health risks, tendency for disease, effectiveness of medications and detect genetic problems. Learn about your predisposition to diseases, including cancer. Find information about your genetic health disorders and carrier traits. You can take proactive preventive measures such as exercise, diet or even medications to prevent diseases such as Alzheimer which you may be susceptible to.

Maximise Your Fitness

From staying fit and energetic to living a healthy lifestyle, myPreciseDNA Wellness is designed to provide you with essential information to keep you on track and achieve desired health goals. Unleash your fitness potentials and attain optimal wellness. Know your recommended sport based on your running capacity or muscle strength. Lose and manage weight systematically. 

Learn How To Handle Stress

Being stressed means having your body flooded with hormones that prepare your system to confront threats or danger. Acquire the skills to stay calm in any situation and not engage in the fight-or-flight mechanism.

Feel and Look Younger

Learn to slow down the ageing process. Our looks change as we age. Learn about skin elasticity, hydration and ageing and take protective steps to keep skin supple and young. This is the secret to growing old with grace.

We are here for you

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

myPreciseDNA’s range of DNA tests is conducted at Synapse Sdn Bhd. Synapse Laboratory is a MS ISO 15189 certified laboratory and uses the most advanced
specialised equipments in molecular genetics and is directed by a certified genetic pathologist.