Skin and Beauty

Find out how your genes influence your skin health and what you can do about it. It’s now possible to interpret your skin’s genetic profile and offer intelligent treatment suggestions thanks to significant developments in comprehending the human exome.

MyPreciseDNA guides you through lifestyle choices customised exclusively for you based on your genetic findings, which indicate your skin’s inherent strengths and weaknesses. With a tailored skincare strategy, you may remove, decrease, or prevent symptoms by knowing your genetic tendency to wrinkles, cellulite, inflammation, and other skin conditions.

Skin and Beauty Traits

MyPreciseDNA provides testing for 15 different traits responsible for skin and beauty that will help you glow.

  • Skin Ageing
  • Eyelid Sagging
  • Wrinkle
  • Collagen Breakdown
  • Skin Elasticity
  • Antioxidant
  • Skin Glycation
  • Dermal Sensitivity
  • Stretch Mark
  • Hydration
  • Freckles
  • UV Protection
  • Sun Tanning
  • Acne Vulgaris
  • Inflammatory Cytokines

Skin Ageing

As we get older, our skin changes. Skin aging is a complicated process that includes genetic and hormonal variables, as well as environmental and dietary aspects. In our mid-20s, the natural ageing process (chrono ageing) starts. The decrease of skin elasticity leads the skin to droop over time. Sun exposure causes sun-exposed aged skin (photoageing). Exposure to sunlight causes skin changes such as wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation, and changes in skin tone.

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A Comprehensive DNA Report

myPreciseDNA Wellness provides you with a complete DNA profile consisting of 14 categories and 128 traits ranging from your personality traits to genetic health conditions. This report reveals multiple aspects of your health to give you better insights into your wellbeing. Click on the icons to learn more about the other traits

Unlock a wealth of information about yourself through your DNA.

Disclaimer: Please note that this report solely relies on your genetic information and does not consider other shared details. It examines specific variants associated with certain conditions but does not encompass all variants. Other associated markers or variants may not be screened. The report is not diagnostic and should not be treated as such. It reveals your genetic predisposition to health conditions. High or low risk does not indicate presence or absence of conditions; development depends on genetic predisposition, lifestyle choices, exposure, and more. The report helps assess genetic health status and make informed choices. Genotype determination assumes diploid DNA samples, and atypical genome content may affect results. Consult a doctor before considering recommendations. Synapse Laboratory is not liable for any damages resulting from the service or report.