Genetic Risk Assesment for Corona Virus Infection

Your genes can determine how prone you are for infectious diseases such as COVID-19, and also influences your chances to develop complications from these infections. Some individuals who get infected remains asymptomatic, some develop mild symptoms while a few experience severe symptoms requiring hospitalization. This inter-individual variation may be caused due to polymorphisms in various genes. This is because your genes controls the immune system also, a system in your body to fight against infections. The immune system is constantly on alert watching your body if it is being attacked by bacteria, virus, etc. Under normal circumstances, the immune system mounts a response against these disease causing pathogens and protects you. Presence of certain genetic variants can however influence this response and make you more susceptible to certain bacterial and viral infections including COVID-19.

Covid 19 Screening

The MyPreciseDNA coronavirus genetic screening will reveal your genetic susceptibility for COVID-19 infection as well as the degree of the illness. The analysis is based on an examination of single-nucleotide polymorphism in genes that have been found to impact your immune health, which can cause vulnerability to different COVID-19 infection consequences. It also includes recommendations to help you prepare in case of a COVID-19 infection.

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