• This Refund, Return, Cancellation, Payment and Delivery Policy (“Policy”) governs the cancellation, refund and return of Goods that are purchased by you (“Buyer”, “you” “your”) on myprecisedna.com or any other internet domain property of Synapse Sdn Bhd (“Synapse”, “we”, “us”) or its Affiliates where the Goods are listed for purchase. This Policy also governs the payment and delivery of the Goods that you have purchased on the Website.
    • Definitions:
      • “Affiliates” shall mean any entities which are members of Synapse Sdn Bhd group of companies whether   or not directly or indirectly controlled by us.
      • “DNA sample” shall mean any bodily sample, including but not limited to saliva, collected for the purpose of the DNA kits purchased by the Buyer.
      • “Goods” shall mean the DNA kits and/or any other items listed for sale on the Website.
      • “Website” shall mean www.myprecisedna.com or any other internet domain property of Synapse Sdn Bhd or its Affiliates.


    • You may, by completing the relevant return form on the Website, apply to return the purchased Goods to us. You may only apply for a refund for returned and/or cancelled Goods that have not been used. In your application for refund, return and/or cancellation of Goods, you will be required to confirm that you have not used the Goods and that you have not shipped your DNA sample to us and/or our laboratory. You shall ensure that the purchased Goods are returned to us within seven (7) calendar days from the date you acknowledge receipt of the Goods. In case of damaged Goods, please contact us within forty eight (48) hours of receiving the damaged Goods, after which you shall be deemed to accept the Goods and no longer be eligible for refund.
    • You may only apply to return purchased Goods in the following circumstances:
      • the Goods delivered to you are defective and/or damaged on delivery;
      • the Goods is expired or quantity of Goods delivered to you is different from quantity of Goods ordered; or
      • such other circumstances which may be prescribed by Synapse on the Website.
    • You will be eligible for a refund for any returned Goods in the event that you fail to return the Goods to us within seven (7) calendar days from the date that you acknowledge receipt of the Goods or if you have already shipped your DNA sample to us and/or our laboratory or if it is found that you have used the Goods or any part thereof. You are deemed to have accepted the Goods if you have used the Goods and/or shipped your DNA sample to us.
    • When returning any purchased Goods, you must ensure that the Goods are packaged and returned in the same condition in which the Goods were delivered to you. If there are any other attachments, items or complimentary goods delivered together with the purchased Goods, such attachments, items or complimentary goods must be returned in the same condition that it was delivered to you failing which your request for refund/return/cancellation may be rejected at our discretion.
    • You shall bear all shipping and handling fees when you return the Goods to us and when you ship the DNA sample to us and/or our laboratory. In the event that our attempt to process and re-process your first DNA sample sent to us is unsuccessful, we shall send the same Goods to you to obtain the second DNA sample at no charge. However the shipping and handling fees for your second DNA sample will be borne by you.
    • Where you have elected to change your mind on the purchase of Goods and you choose to cancel your order, you shall bear the shipping and handling fee for the return of the purchased Goods that have been dispatched for delivery to you.
    • Upon receipt of the Goods by us, we shall refund the sums paid by you less third party payment system charges (where applicable). All refunds shall be made to your debit/credit or your designated bank account (where applicable). Please leave thirty (30) calendar days for the refund to be made to you.
    • In the event that you have any questions and complaints with regards to returns and cancellation of Goods, you may contact us directly on the Website.
    • Where you purchase any Goods via PayPal, FPX, Visa, and Mastercard, or with any credits, points, gift cards and/or rewards program offered on a third party website, the refunds, returns and/or cancellation policy stated on the third party website shall apply. We recommend reading the rewards policy and the refunds, returns and/or cancellation policies offered on the third party website.
    • In case of a dispute as to the liability of the shipping fee for returned Goods, Synapse shall have the sole and absolute discretion to decide on the liability of the shipping fee with respect to the returned Goods.


  1. PRICE
    • The price of the Goods shall be as per the price stated on the Website at the time when you complete your order on the Website. The price excludes any applicable sales and services tax, value added tax or similar tax. The price listed may exclude delivery charges.
    • In the event that the Goods has been mispriced or mischarged on the Website, we reserve the right to terminate the transaction and we shall notify you of such cancellation.


    • The use of this Website is free of cost. You understand that any free services may be amended anytime at Synapse’s sole discretion.
    • You will be required to pay the price of the Goods as stated in the payment page at the time of usage which may include additional delivery costs and taxes.
    • We accept the following modes of electronic payment processes: PayPal, FPX, Visa, and MasterCard (“third party payment system”).
    • Where a third party payment system is used, the third party payment system’s policy shall be applicable.
    • You represent and warrant that (i) the credit card or debit card information you supply to us via the Website is true, correct and complete, (ii) the charges you incur will be honoured by your credit card or debit card company, and (iii) you shall pay the charges you incur including all applicable fees (not limited to administrative fees).
    • We do not store and/or hold any credit card and/or debit card details in our Website unless you provide the same to us and authorize us to store and/or hold the same.
    • We shall not be responsible or assume any liability, whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to you due to:
      • Lack of authorization for any transaction(s);
      • Exceeding the preset limit mutually agreed by you and the third party payment system or provider;
      • Any payment issues arising out of the transaction; or
      • Decline of transaction for any other reason(s).


    • Delivery of the Goods shall be made to the address as specified by you in your order. You are responsible to ensure that the address you provide is accurate.
    • We have the right at any time to sub-contract all or any of our obligations for the sale/delivery of the Goods to any third party as we may from time to time decide without giving you notice of the same.
    • You hereby acknowledge and understand that all dates and timelines stated for delivery of the Goods and the delivery of your analysis report are approximate only and delays may occur. The time for delivery/performance shall not be of the essence, and we shall not be liable for any delay in delivery or performance howsoever caused.
    • If you fail to accept delivery of the Goods, then without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to us, we may sell the Goods (after deducting all reasonable storage and selling expenses).