Wellness DNA Test

128 traits across 15 categories

Embark on a journey to optimal well-being with our DNA Wellness Test. Uncover personalised insights into nutrition, fitness, and health to empower your lifestyle choices. Your unique genetic blueprint holds the key to a healthier, more vibrant you


Simple steps to start your journey

After placing your order, the test kit(s) will be delivered to your doorstep. Upon receiving the kit, swab your inner cheek for a saliva sample. 

Then, contact our courier partner to collect and return it to our lab. Once we receive your sample, our lab will process it securely using advanced technology and data analysis.

Within 15-20 working days, you will receive a personalized report packed with easy to understand tailored lifestyle and health recommendations.

**For an in-depth exploration, our genetic counseling option is available to establish an elaborate care plan.

Let your DNA guide you.

Journey through the depths of your genetics with myPreciseDNA Wellness, where 15 categories and 128 traits illuminate the pathways to your health and identity. Below is an overview of the valuable information you will receive in the report:

Check for genetic risks in your dna with dna wellness test

Navigating Genetic Risks

Discover your genetic predisposition to a variety of health conditions, from heart health, immune system responses, to chronic diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer's.

Gain invaluable insights into your risk factors for coronavirus infection and more, empowering you with the knowledge to take proactive steps towards a healthier future

Your Path to Nutrition and Ideal Weight

  • Personalised Nutrition Insights: Learn how your genetics affect nutrient absorption and metabolism.
  • Customised Weight Management: Discover your body's unique response to different diets for effective weight loss.
  • Vital Vitamin & Mineral Needs: Identify specific nutrients your body needs to thrive, based on your DNA.

Elevate Your Exercise and Physical Wellbeing

Unlock personalised fitness and health optimization with our DNA test, tailored for your unique genetic profile. Boost endurance, strength, and protect your bones and joints, all through insights crafted just for you.

  • Personalized Fitness Strategies: Tailored advice that aligns with your genetic predispositions for optimal performance.
  • Enhanced Endurance & Strength: Unlock your potential with workouts and routines that cater to your body’s unique needs.
  • Bone & Joint Protection: Preventive insights to maintain your mobility and reduce the risk of injury.

Genetic Clues to Clearer Skin and Fewer Allergies

Discover how your genetics influence allergies, food sensitivities, and skin health with our comprehensive DNA test. Gain insights into your allergy risks and the factors affecting your skin's aging and elasticity. 

  • Your genetic reactions to allergens and foods.
  • Secrets to maintaining youthful skin and robust elasticity.

Craft a lifestyle uniquely suited to your genetic profile, enhancing beauty and minimizing sensitivities effortlessly.

Genetic Insights to a Sharper Mind and Stronger Personality

Discover the unique journey of your mind and personality through our comprehensive genetic analysis. It's a deep dive into your mental and cognitive landscape, revealing pathways to resilience, understanding, and growth.

  • Cognitive Architect: Patiently mapping your speed of learning, understanding, and remarkable power of enigma we call memory.
  • Mental Game: Exploring how to fight stress, finding hidden paths to happiness, and understanding the vast world of personality

Carrier Status and Medication Response Insight

Gain vital insights with our genetic screening to make smarter health choices:

  • Discover Your Carrier Status: Learn if you carry genes for specific conditions, crucial for family planning.
  • Medication Response: Understand how your body might react to certain drugs, personalising your medical treatment.

This screening empowers you with the information needed for personalised medicine and proactive health planning.

Hear from those who took the first step

See how personalised DNA insights lead to meaningful health changes.


I was shock to see a really detailed report. Over 200++ pages long, the report told me a lot about what I should keep an eye on for my health. It really helps me get what's going on with my body.

Once I got the result, I’m pretty amazed that the test can even detect things like I’m super allergic to cats and dusts, intolerant to coffee and lactose etc. Got to know more about myself with the myPreciseDNA. Love it

I wanted to do DNA test quite some time and I found myPreciseDNA. The price is so much lower than circledna and the traits are very helpful for me. Highly recommended for whoever want to lose weight and know what is the best diet.

Today, I received my DNA report from myPreciseDNA, and I was amazed by its detail... Thank you, myPreciseDNA, for providing a detailed and easily understandable report. Unlike others filled with complex terms, this one was straightforward and the most user-friendly I've encountered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Explore our curated list of popular inquiries. If you have more questions you can visit our FAQ page or reach out to us.

Our Wellness DNA Test provides insights into your genetic predispositions for certain health conditions, nutrient metabolism, fitness aptitude, and more. It helps you understand your body better to make informed lifestyle and wellness decisions.

The test is easy and painless. Simply use the swab provided in your kit to collect a sample from the inside of your cheek, following the detailed instructions included. Then, send your sample back to us using the courier envelope.

Yes, your privacy and the security of your genetic information are our top priorities. We use secure databases to store your data, and we do not share your genetic information without your explicit consent.

Once we receive your sample, you can expect to receive your personalized wellness report within 15-20 working days. We'll notify you via email when your report is ready to view online.

The Wellness DNA Test serves as a foundational tool, primarily for informational use and not for diagnosing diseases. It provides you and detailed insight into your genetic tendencies, aiming to inform lifestyle and wellness choices rather than offer medical diagnoses. You can arrange a session with our consultant or a healthcare professional to provide the best advise.

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