Heritage DNA Test

Explore your ancestral journey with myPreciseDNA Heritage. Our ancestry DNA test reveals your ancestor’s story, dating back 200,000 years. Discover your unique genetic makeup, ethnic roots, and the remarkable tales of your ancestors’ global wanderings. Explore 128 wellness traits for a healthier life.


Simple steps to start your journey

After placing your order, the test kit(s) will be delivered to your doorstep. Upon receiving the kit, swab your inner cheek for a saliva sample.

Then, contact our courier partner to collect and return it to our lab. Once we receive your sample, our lab will process it securely using advanced technology and data analysis.

Within 15-20 working days, you will receive a personalized report packed with easy to understand tailored lifestyle and health recommendations.

**For an in-depth exploration, our genetic counseling option is available to establish an elaborate care plan.

Your Past, Present, and Wellness Revealed

Start an exciting journey into your past with MyPreciseDNA Heritage. You will receive two reports: an ancestry DNA test report and a wellness DNA test report. Our DNA test traces your ancestry back 200,000 years, uncovering the migration paths of your ancient relatives. Discover the rich history encoded in your genes and connect with your deep ancestral roots.

continental admixture with myprecisedna

Mapping Your Ancestral Roots

Discover your ancestry with our continental admixture analysis. We compare your DNA to the 1000 Genome Project, identifying how closely your genetic patterns match different global populations from 500 years ago.

This insight reveals your connection to specific regions and ethnic groups, helping to paint a detailed picture of your genetic heritage.

Your Ancestral Building Blocks

Learn about the building blocks of your genetic makeup. We match your DNA variants with global reference populations, revealing potential ethnicities and sub-regions derived from your ancestors, offering a deeper understanding of your heritage.

ancestral building blocks with myprecisedna
Ancestry report haplo groups

Tracing Ancestral Migration

Discover ancestral migration patterns through haplogroups, which track unique DNA markers from both maternal and paternal lines. This genetic exploration provides a deeper understanding of human history, connecting us to our diverse origins.

and more ..  Our report also includes heterozygosity ratios, prehistoric connections, and other key genetic insights to enrich your understanding of your ancestry.

Wellness DNA Report

The myPreciseDNA Care package offers a comprehensive analysis that goes beyond the hereditary cancer report, providing you with an extensive wellness report as well.

This detailed report encompasses 129 traits spread across 15 categories, offering a wide-ranging view of your health and well-being. For more information on click here - Wellness DNA Test

Here's what you will gain from this report:

  • Personalised Health Insights and Wellness Recommendations:
    Discover your genetic risk for various conditions and receive customised lifestyle and dietary recommendations to proactively enhance your well-being.
  • In-depth Analysis of Traits Influencing Daily Life:
    Gain insights into how your genetics affect metabolism, nutrition, fitness, and sleep, enabling personalised strategies for improved health and lifestyle.

Hear from those who took the first step

See how personalised DNA insights lead to meaningful health changes.

"Sometime friends used to tell me I looked a tad bit Japanese, never saw it myself. So when I saw the ad I thought, lets give it a try. When I got the report, guess what I'm 12% Japanese. It was really exciting."

"Thanks to the Ancestry DNA Report, I have a clearer understanding of my background and a deeper appreciation for my cultural heritage"

"Fantastic experience! The customer service was outstanding and the product itself is starting to make a significant difference. I couldn't be happier with my choice"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Explore our curated list of popular inquiries. If you have more questions you can visit our FAQ page or reach out to us.

The test is easy and painless. Simply use the swab provided in your kit to collect a sample from the inside of your cheek, following the detailed instructions included. Then, send your sample back to us using the courier envelope.

No, MyPreciseDNA Heritage does not currently offer a feature to find and connect with relatives. Our service focuses on providing detailed reports about your ancestry and wellness based on your DNA, but it does not include the capability to match or connect you with potential relatives in our databas

Yes, your privacy and the security of your genetic information are our top priorities. We use secure databases to store your data, and we do not share your genetic information without your explicit consent.

The Wellness DNA Test serves as a foundational tool, primarily for informational use and not for diagnosing diseases. It provides you and detailed insight into your genetic tendencies, aiming to inform lifestyle and wellness choices rather than offer medical diagnoses. You can arrange a session with our consultant or a healthcare professional to provide the best advise.

Once we receive your sample, you can expect to receive your personalized wellness report within 15-20 working days. We'll notify you via email when your report is ready to view online.

Your Past, Present, and Wellness Revealed

Our DNA reports offer a captivating glimpse into your ancestry and comprehensive insights into your wellness. Embrace the journey to discover your complete genetic story— get started today and start exploring