Your Privacy Is Prioritised.

Our dedication to safeguarding your personal information

Privacy at myPreciseDNA

Our mission is to introduce dna tests into mainstream medical practices in order to improve healthcare quality for people all around the world. One of our founding beliefs has always been that patients own and control their genetic data.
Here it is outlined how myPreciseDNA secures patient data and empowers patients to make decisions about how their data is used and shared in high-level language. It also contains links to further in-depth information regarding myPreciseDNA’s privacy policies. Please email us if you have questions at

1. Your Data, Your Control

myPreciseDNA gives you complete control over your genetic data and genetic information. It’s entirely up to you how your data is used and with whom it’s shared. You have the ability to change your mind about how your information is saved, used, and shared at any time. During your time with myPreciseDNA, we want you to feel informed, empowered, and appreciated.

2. There will be no sharing with third parties.

Your personal information is never sold, leased, or rented to a third party for research purposes. You have complete control over the usage and sharing of your personal information. You control your experience, including who gets your information (and who doesn’t) and what you learn through myPreciseDNA’s products.

3. Security Compliance

We go above and above industry data security standards by putting in place physical, technical, and routine assessments to identify security weaknesses and threats. To highlight the quality of our security standards, we have received an ISO certification.

Disclaimer: Please note that this report solely relies on your genetic information and does not consider other shared details. It examines specific variants associated with certain conditions but does not encompass all variants. Other associated markers or variants may not be screened. The report is not diagnostic and should not be treated as such. It reveals your genetic predisposition to health conditions. High or low risk does not indicate presence or absence of conditions; development depends on genetic predisposition, lifestyle choices, exposure, and more. The report helps assess genetic health status and make informed choices. Genotype determination assumes diploid DNA samples, and atypical genome content may affect results. Consult a doctor before considering recommendations. Synapse Laboratory is not liable for any damages resulting from the service or report.