Our Science

We use the most advanced technology available and our high standards ensure that you get the best service possible.

The Process

Your buccal swab sample is processed in our in-house Synapse Laboratory in Malaysia that adheres to the guidelines of local laboratory quality standards. In here, we extract your DNA content from your buccal cells and detect the expression of thousands of your genes to identify variations that are unique to you.

We utilize precise genotyping technology to identify the variations in your genes, known as variants that are known to be associated with certain traits that may impact your life.

Put machine practice

Why do we not sequence your whole genome? Not all data is informative. Only 8.2% of our DNA is functional. By using the customized Illumina Infinium screening array, we focus on identifying the actually useful variants that have been validated by peer reviewed studies in established databases. The assay is continually being updated to include the relevant newly discovered variants.

The Team

Our team consists of certified pathologists, geneticists and scientists leading our molecular genetics laboratory works. Our experience professionals lead and work closely with our trained laboratory personnel for laboratory benchwork as well as bioinformatics and analytics required to deliver a complete genetic report.

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Unlock a wealth of information about yourself through your DNA.

Disclaimer: Please note that this report solely relies on your genetic information and does not consider other shared details. It examines specific variants associated with certain conditions but does not encompass all variants. Other associated markers or variants may not be screened. The report is not diagnostic and should not be treated as such. It reveals your genetic predisposition to health conditions. High or low risk does not indicate presence or absence of conditions; development depends on genetic predisposition, lifestyle choices, exposure, and more. The report helps assess genetic health status and make informed choices. Genotype determination assumes diploid DNA samples, and atypical genome content may affect results. Consult a doctor before considering recommendations. Synapse Laboratory is not liable for any damages resulting from the service or report.