Unlock the Secrets of Nutrition with a DNA Test

dna test ancestry malaysia - optimum nutrition

What is DNA?

Optimum nutrition starts with understanding your DNA. The genetic code included in DNA governs how living things grow, operate, and reproduce. Finding changes in the DNA sequence is done by genetic or DNA testing (genetic variations). Genetic variations may worsen particular health problems. Genetic testing searches for DNA changes, often called mutations or variations, in your DNA. In some circumstances, genetic testing can help you or a family member get better medical care. Hereditary testing, for instance, can help diagnose a genetic condition or reveal your risk of developing cancer. Genetic testing comes in a variety of forms. Genetic testing requires a sample of blood or spit. Your nutrition, physical level, and overall health are all revealed by your DNA. Because of this, it’s critical to comprehend your DNA to develop lifestyle judgments that will help you reach your health and fitness objectives.


dna test ancestry malaysia - optimum nutrition

Optimum nutrition through a DNA test

What is the best diet for you? Is exercise more important than dietary choices when you wanna lose weight? The answers to these questions could lie within your DNA. A developing field of nutritional medicine that offers dietary prescriptions, including individualised meal programmes based on nutrigenomics, to assist people to make better decisions about their lifestyle habits and health is being aided by genetic analysis. Getting a diet that is personally tailored for you can be very beneficial, especially for those who often find themselves stuck at the same weight despite their efforts to lose weight. Genetic knowledge of the kinds of diets that are most effective for you frequently boosts both compliance and sustainability. Based on your genes, you may need to change your workout routine and change the amount of fats or protein in your diet and all of these can be personally tailored for you via a DNA test. Numerous studies have demonstrated that our eating habits are influenced by genetics. Research has also shown that our ability to adhere to a diet may be influenced by our understanding of our genetic makeup. A study that was recently published in the British Medical Journal showed that people who received genetic-based dietary recommendations for their total and saturated fat intake significantly decreased their long-term fat intake compared to people who received gold-standard population-based interventions.


Optimum nutrition through DNA-based diets 

  1. A tailored eating strategy may boost adherence and enable you to focus on dietary and physical activity targets that are more in line with your body’s needs.
  2. One-size-fits-all diets can be insufficient and ineffective for certain people.
  3. You can speed up the process and achieve your goals much easier if you knew what lifestyle was best for your body. 


DNA test procedure

The DNA Test procedure is quite simple and harmless. MyPreciseDNA Test Kit can be done at home by taking a sample from the inside of your cheek for genetic testing that includes 129 traits and 15 categories. The categories are very extensive including cancer screen, heart health, liver health and fitness and sports and it will analyze your DNA to understand your genetic makeup. 

In conclusion, taking a DNA test that includes traits regarding weight management and fitness can help you personalize your diet and workout routine just for you and finally achieve all of your fitness goals. As they always say “one size does not fit all”. This applies to weight management and fitness as well. Each one of our bodies is different and has different needs. Using a DNA test you can tailor the perfect lifestyle for your health and fitness and finally achieve your goals.

Learn more about how our DNA test can help you. It’s considered the most advanced DNA test in Malaysia that we can provide, so we’d like to offer you our premium DNA test. You can take advantage of this offer and reap the benefits of getting a DNA test.


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