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Each of us has a different set of genetic variants. Understand yourself better when you learn about your genetics. myPreciseDNA Wellness provides the solution to help you optimise your health and wellness

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A DNA test is a vital healthcare tool that analyses your genetic information. Taking a DNA test can help you make the most health-aware lifestyle choices for your mind and body, allowing you to reach your highest potential.

myPreciseDNA Wellness is a DNA test kit that reveals your genetic predispositions for various aspects. The test will reveal 128 reports across 14 important categories about yourself.

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learn about yourself?

myPreciseDNA Wellness is an empowering test that you may take to learn about your overall wellness. The test reports are simple to read and comprehend, and they offer lifestyle recommendations based on your genetic data.

Understanding your genetic makeup might give you the power to choose a lifestyle that best benefit you

Achieve your optimal wellness by hacking your body’s inner mechanism. Capitalise on your running capacity or muscle strength. Lose weight systematically and manage it.

Learn about your genes that define your cognitive abilities and boost your reasoning, perception and intellectual capacity. Destress and improve your sleep patterns.

Common health conditions like high cholesterol, tendency to inflammation, predisposition to heart disease and diabetes determine your general health. Your genetic report defines your risks which gives you a reason to seek advice for prevention and treatment. Remember prevention is better than cure.

Add genetic depth to your skin and beauty regimen with information on your skin elasticity, predisposition to wrinkles, skin hydration collagen breakdown, antioxidant capacity and more. Make your beauty shine from within.

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Simple steps
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Purchase your DNA test. 


Upon receiving the myPreciseDNA test kit, simply swab your inner cheek and turn the swab a few times


Once we receive your sample, our lab will securely process it with the latest technology and data analysis available. 


Within 15-20 working days, you will receive a unique and personalised report, tailored with lifestyle and health recommendations.


Join over 1000+ people who have done a myPreciseDNA Wellness test and loved how it has helped them understand their health and wellness better. Here are some of the testimonials from those who have done our DNA test in Malaysia.

We are constantly learning about new things but it’s time to learn about ourselves. I am always looking to improve and be better and most times I am always guessing about my health. A DNA test was what I was missing and myPreciseDNA Wellness test helped me discover how I can be better and more. If you are looking to improve fitness or sports performace or generally understand you health a whole lot better I recommed myPreciseDNA.

Nana Al Haleq

I always thought DNA test were commonly linked to cloning. Thats not all, what I found out was a DNA test  I always believe that knowledge is power. I would rather know if there is a problem with my health and figure out how to solve or manage it.
Knowledge triumphs fear, the more you know about something, the less you fear.
Therefore, I choose to get my DNA tested with myPreciseDNA and it surely did help me understand about my health a whole lot more.

JJ Fernandez

It’s easy to do and its also safe! I was so excited to get my report and it was easy to understand and got to understand myself a whole lot better. There were so many traits in the report that revealed alot about myself that I was mostly guessing since I was small. Prevention is better than cure and I totally recommend myPreciseDNA as the best choice if you are looking for a DNA test

Navi Indran

Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions. If you have more questions please visit our FAQs or chat with us to find out more.

Your DNA can tell a lot about you and your health. Well, it can tell you why you are not losing weight, whether you should add more supplements to your diet, what kind of exercise is right for you, and more. Your DNA will even reveal if you are likely to develop certain diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disorders, hereditary diseases and much more. Overall, a DNA test will uncover a wide variety of important insights about your health. Unravel and understand the mystery of your unique genes and begin your personal nutrition and
health journey.

This test is suitable for anyone who wants to understand how their DNA affects their overall wellbeing, from physical to mental health.

A DNA profile can provide you with detailed valuable information about your genetic traits based on the diet and lifestyle plan that is best for you

All we require is a cheek sample, for which we will provide you with a swab kit. Your DNA will be extracted from the white blood cells and inner cheek skin cells found in your mouth sample.

Your DNA will be tested in our laboratory here in Malaysia, Synapse Sdn Bhd. The laboratory is equipped with the latest next generation sequencing and genotyping technologies and is staffed by a panel of experienced geneticists, pathologists, computer scientists and consultants.

Your report will be simplified so that you can easily understand it. We also offer consultation services with an experienced genetic counsellor.

Unlock a wealth of information about yourself through your DNA.

Disclaimer: Please note that this report solely relies on your genetic information and does not consider other shared details. It examines specific variants associated with certain conditions but does not encompass all variants. Other associated markers or variants may not be screened. The report is not diagnostic and should not be treated as such. It reveals your genetic predisposition to health conditions. High or low risk does not indicate presence or absence of conditions; development depends on genetic predisposition, lifestyle choices, exposure, and more. The report helps assess genetic health status and make informed choices. Genotype determination assumes diploid DNA samples, and atypical genome content may affect results. Consult a doctor before considering recommendations. Synapse Laboratory is not liable for any damages resulting from the service or report.