Instructions for MyPreciseDNA DNA Test Kit:

Take your DNA sample at least one hour after eating, drinking or cleaning your teeth. Rinse your mouth with water immediately prior to sampling

1. Pull open the package from one end

2. Remove the swab from the wrapper, avoid touching the white swab head with your fingers.

3. Insert the swab into your mouth and rub firmly against the inside of your cheeks. Rub for 1 minute with firm and solid pressure

4. Place the small groove set in the swab stick against the rim of the tube, then snap the swab stick at the break point by bending to one side. Let the swab head fall into the tube.

5. Replace the tube cap making sure the tube is securely sealed.

6. Place the tube into the biohazard bag provided and seal the bag.

7. Place the biohazard bag with the tube into the padded envelope provided and seal the envelope.

8. Remove the adhesive sheet from the airway bill and paste it on the padded envelope.

9. Please contact the respective logistic representative to pick up your package. The airway bill provided is valid for 15 days upon receiving the collection kit.

  • For Malaysian based customer:
    Please contact: +603-7880 8730
  • For overseas customer:
    Please contact: +6018 373 8988

10. Your analysis report(s) will be emailed to you within 15 working days upon receiving your sample by our laboratory.



myPreciseDNA’s range of DNA tests is conducted at Synapse Sdn Bhd. Synapse uses the most advanced specialised equipments and is directed by a certified genetic pathologist.


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