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17 tests with more than 400 reports

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Unfold Your DNA to Discover Your Potential

Your DNA is a blueprint of life. Uncover it.

Your health and wellness are in your hands. Make an active choice towards a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle by discovering your DNA.

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Improve Your Health Now with myPrecise Wellness

Discover what your diet really should be.

This profile reveals your body’s response to food and nutrients, your allergies, food breakdown, weight and metabolism.

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Why Choose myPreciseDNA

Private & Secure

Rest assured, your data is never sold or shared to third parties.

99.9% Accuracy

Tests are validated by the Croucher Laboratory of Human Genomics.


Discover 17 tests with more than 400 reports, that you can take.

1-1 Consultation

Consult with our genetics-trained health professionals.

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What you get with myPreciseDNA

A comprehensive analysis of your DNA sequencing awaits with a myPreciseDNA test. 

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