Explore Your Genetic Roots with MyPreciseDNA Heritage

Embark on a journey through your DNA with myPreciseDNA’s ancestry report. Our comprehensive DNA test traces your lineage back 200,000 years, highlighting your genetic blueprint, ethnic origins, and trace the epic travels of your ancestors around the globe.

Wellness DNA Report

The myPreciseDNA Heritage package provides a complete analysis, extending beyond your ancestry to give you an expansive report on your wellness.

This comprehensive report covers 129 traits across 15 categories, providing an extensive overview of your health and wellness. Click here for more information.- Wellness DNA Test

Here’s what you will gain from this report:

  • Personalised Health Insights and Wellness Recommendations:
    Discover your genetic risk for various conditions and receive customised lifestyle and dietary recommendations to proactively enhance your well-being.
  • In-depth Analysis of Traits Influencing Daily Life:
    Gain insights into how your genetics affect metabolism, nutrition, fitness, and sleep, enabling personalised strategies for improved health and lifestyle.