Need for Genetic Testing in Lifestyle Modification

dna test ancestry malaysia - healthy lifestyle

Live a Healthy Lifestyle Through Genetic Testing

A healthy lifestyle should begin with genetic testing. Based on your DNA, genetic testing calculates your genetic risks or predispositions to certain diseases and characteristics. Given that DNA is thought of as life’s blueprint, learning your DNA through a genetic test may provide a wealth of personal information about you. This may include genetic differences linked to qualities relevant to health, such as metabolism, weight gain or loss, and dietary inclinations including a need for antioxidants, gluten sensitivity, and many other things. Based on genetic differences, several of these tests promise to reveal information about your health risks, nutrition, fitness, skincare, and even your culinary preferences. It enables you to customize everything to your preferences. 


What is Genetic Testing?

DNA testing commonly referred to as genetic testing is used to spot alterations in chromosomal structure or DNA sequence. RNA analysis, which is an output of gene expression, and biochemical analysis, which measures a particular protein output, are two examples of ways that genetic testing may quantify the effects of genetic alterations. Genetic testing can be used in a medical environment to identify or rule out suspected genetic illnesses, forecast risks for particular ailments, or gather knowledge that can be utilized to tailor medical care based on a patient’s genetic profile. A child’s biological parentage (genetic mother and father) may be established using DNA paternity testing, for example, and genetic testing can also be used to generally infer a person’s lineage.


dna test ancestry malaysia - healthy lifestyle

What a Genetic Test Can Tell You

  • help to diagnose a rare health condition in a child
  • help you understand whether an inherited health condition may affect you, your child or another family member, and help you decide whether to have children
  • show if you are at higher risk of getting certain health conditions, including some types of cancer
  • guide doctors in deciding what medicine or treatment to give you
  • reveal genetic traits about you

Direct-to-consumer DNA tests such as myPreciseDNA provide a detailed report that allows you to understand your genetic traits and personalise your lifestyle, diet and fitness accordingly. It can even help to delay or prevent diseases by planning and lifestyle modification. The cycle of prevention is nicely completed by genetic testing. Making the right dietary and exercise changes can help prevent or postpone the onset of diseases that run in a person’s family. Saying that “genetic testing, preventative health checks, and lifestyle changes can prevent a disease from developing” is not an understatement.


How Can I Get a Genetic Test?

Genetic testing is extremely easy to do nowadays. It can even be done at home using an at-home DNA test such as myPreciseDNA. All you have to do is get a test kit and take a swab from the inside of your cheek or a saliva sample depending on the test kit. You can collect the sample yourself and send it via mail for processing. Then you will receive a detailed report including 129 traits and 15 categories, simplified for your understanding. 


dna test ancestry malaysia - healthy lifestyle

How to Change My Behaviours and Lead a Healthy Lifestyle? 

Your genes can affect your health in a variety of ways. It is decoded into your genetic test result, thus it is crucial to comprehend it correctly for its intended use. Using the simplified report prepared for you, you can learn a lot about your genetic makeup and make informed decisions regarding your health, diet, fitness and lifestyle. You can use the results regarding your weight gain/loss to personalize your workout routine. You can also use personalized data regarding your nutrition needs to draft the perfect diet plan for yourself. Most importantly, you can prevent the onset of illnesses by making changes in your lifestyle and finding out which checkups are necessary and which ones are unnecessary for you. The results can even be used for family planning to understand the risks of you or your partner passing on a health condition to your children. The results can also be shown to a qualified genetic counsellor to discuss the findings, the related health checkup techniques, and the needed lifestyle changes. After that counselling, you may utilise the report to modify your lifestyle per your genetic requirements. You can alter your lifestyle by following the additional measures that are outlined for you. 

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