How Accurate is a DNA Test?

dna ancestry test malaysia - genetic disorders

If you’re wondering how accurate DNA tests are, you’re either looking for a DNA testing service or you’ve received unexpected test results. In any event, you’ll be relieved to know that we’ve revealed the truth regarding the accuracy of DNA testing right here. First of all, DNA tests are not meant to diagnose genetic disorders, but rather screen them.


Genotyping genetic testing may generate information from up to 2 million data points. These tests can give a wealth of important information for practically anything you’ll want to know about your DNA (ancestry, health, medication side effects and reactions, wellness, nutrition, fitness, sleep, etc.) This sort of testing might potentially be utilised to develop a comprehensive individualized health plan. 


Examining your DNA, the chemical database that contains instructions for your body’s functioning is part of genetic testing. Changes (mutations) in your DNA that may cause genetic disorders can be revealed through genetic testing. Although genetic testing can help with disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, it has several limits. For example, if you are healthy, a positive genetic test result does not automatically imply that you will acquire an illness. However, in other cases, a negative result does not indicate that you will not develop a specific condition. 


Speaking with your doctor, a medical geneticist or a genetic counsellor about what you plan to do with the results is a critical stage in the genetic testing process. The accuracy of genetic testing depends on the condition and variant of each trait. Fortunately enough, technology has gone far enough for it to be very accurate in detecting the variations in the genetic code and therefore it is very rare to get false negatives and false negatives in a genetic test. 


The technology used in genotyping is very accurate since it is mostly done by machines and computers but DNA analysis involves the use of bioinformatics and geneticists in eliminating outliers and including formulas to correct for inaccurate results as well as updating the database regularly to match current science and knowledge for each trait. 


dna ancestry test malaysia - genetic disorders

That being said, most DNA testing companies are regulated and need to be regularly maintained and updated to keep up with the scientific community and to keep up with the commercial competition.  To verify if a DNA testing company will give you accurate results visit their website and check out the technology they use to determine if it is up to standard. 


MyPreciseDNA for example processes its genotyping in an ISO 15189-certified medical laboratory with the latest microarray technology. This makes the person testing confident in getting the most accurate and valid test report available. 


Genetic testing can screen for genetic disorders or diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and diabetes as well as many other traits ranging from fitness and nutrition to personality and mental ability. That is why it is critical to have the most accurate test possible to provide you with dependable findings to better adjust your lifestyle.


Using this knowledge, you may make changes to your food, workout regimen, and lifestyle to help avoid heart disease and other diseases. One size does not fit all, and a DNA test can provide you with the information and lifestyle changes that are best for you. Getting a DNA test is now simpler than ever. There are several at-home test kits available, such as myPreciseDNA which is an advanced and accurate DNA testing service using the latest most reliable technology in the industry. myPreciseDNA features 129 characteristics organized into 15 categories. All you have to do is obtain a test kit online, and after you have it, a swab from the inside of your cheek must be mailed back for testing. It is simple, yet it has the potential to transform your life forever.


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