Importance of DNA Testing

dna ancestry test malaysia - dna sequencing

The meaning of DNA sequencing

DNA sequencing or testing is a specific technique to identify the sequence of a gene or chromosome. DNA is the genetic code that allows living organisms to develop, function, and reproduce. Genetic / DNA testing is the procedure for detecting alterations in the DNA sequence (genetic variations). Certain health issues may be exacerbated by genetic variations. Genetic testing looks for alterations in your DNA, often known as mutations or variants. Genetic testing can help you or a family member receive better medical treatment in a variety of situations. Hereditary testing, for example, can provide a diagnosis for a genetic disorder or information about your cancer risk. There are numerous types of genetic tests. A blood or spit sample is used for genetic tests. Your DNA tells the whole narrative of your health, fitness, and diet. That is why understanding your DNA is important to be able to make informed decisions about your lifestyle to be able to achieve your health and fitness goals. All you have to do is order a DNA test kit and submit a DNA sample for analysis.


dna ancestry test malaysia - dna sequencing

Reasons for DNA Sequencing

  • Before you develop symptoms, you can find out if you have a hereditary illness that runs in your family: 

According to the National Cancer Institute, some genetic testing can reveal if a person has inherited mutations linked to numerous forms of hereditary cancers. Colon cancer is an example of this. Receiving genetic test findings that show someone is more inclined to a mutation like this can be life-changing for some people. Starting at a young age can make that person eligible for extra testing. It could also persuade people to speak with their family members about getting checked for mutations.

  • It can help you to achieve your fitness goals

When you understand your genetic composition, you can design your food and exercise around your strengths and weaknesses. Genetic testing will provide you with information on your risk of injury, your weight loss tendency with exercise, your muscular strength, and much more. This makes it easier to personalize and stick to your exercise goals.

  • Understanding your health better 

Many consumer DNA tests now produce results that are unrelated to whether or not a person has a significant genetic condition. Variations in a person’s genome can be linked to a variety of features that aren’t necessarily diseases or medical issues, according to DNA testing. The connections for attributes are based on research that has connected genetic variations in certain populations to these features, much as they are for diseases in which numerous genetic variants play a role. These tests can infer qualities you may have by comparing your DNA to the DNA of individuals who share these characteristics. Some test findings, for example, may reveal whether a person is inclined to lactose intolerance or moves around while sleeping.


dna ancestry test malaysia - dna sequencing

Risks of DNA Sequencing or Testing 

Genetic tests, in general, pose no physical danger. Blood and cheek swab testing is virtually risk-free. Prenatal testing, such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus collection, however, has a tiny risk of miscarriage (miscarriage).


DNA Test Procedure

The DNA Test procedure is quite simple and harmless. MyPreciseDNA Test Kit can be done at home by taking a sample from the inside of your cheek for genetic testing that includes 129 traits and 15 categories. The categories are very extensive including cancer screen, heart health, liver health and fitness and sports and it will analyze your DNA to understand your genetic makeup. 


What do I do after I receive my results? 

After receiving your results, you will understand your genetics better and you will be able to make informed decisions regarding your health and the prevention of future illnesses or conditions. If you have a gene that makes you more susceptible to disease, you may be able to make lifestyle changes that minimize your risk of having it. The results may also assist you in making treatment, family planning, career, and insurance coverage decisions. Your results can also help you make the right decisions for family planning and having children. 

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