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Deoxyribonucleic acid

Your body is made up of many systems. These systems require organs to operate, and the organs are made up of tissues which are made up of cells. The complexity of the body and its systems calls for a question. Where do these organs and systems get their instructions from? Our body composition as humans is made up of 46 chromosomes in each cell. 22 paired chromosomes and 2 sex chromosomes. Chromosomes are molecules of deoxyribonucleic acid that contain part of the gene composition of humans.    Chromosomes usually contain around 25 thousand genes. The autosomes (non-sex chromosomes) are ordered and identified according to size. They are numbered 1 to 22. The sex chromosomes which determine the sex of the baby are X and Y chromosomes. A person with an XX pairing is biologically female while an XY pairing is biologically male. We inherit our genetic information from our parents. Therefore, characteristics such as blood type and eye colour are passed down through genetics. Eye colour and blood type are not the only things that could be inherited, though. The likelihood of developing heart disease or diabetes increases drastically when the illnesses are found in your genetic code.



DNA testing

The benefits of genetic testing are many. The potential benefits are useful whether the predictive DNA tests turn out positive or negative. In case the test turned out to be positive the person can make an informed decision in preventing complications. For example, if the test showed that there is a high likelihood of developing hypertension the person can then avoid foods that may cause hypertension and other heart-related diseases.     On the other hand, if the test turned out to be negative the person can feel a sense of relief from uncertainty and focus on the more prioritized aspects of health. Although genes have a significant impact on health, they are only one factor. Diet, exercise, and family medical history are additional factors that are as significant. Most diseases are caused by a combination of genes, each of which may have thousands of variations.   The way genetics shape your health is through the instructions that DNA give to different parts of your body. Sometimes these instructions may affect you negatively. Genetic testing used to be largely reserved for healthcare professionals and was often carried out by a doctor or nurse. However, the market for direct-to-consumer DNA tests is expanding, which is driving a boom in the genetic testing sector.


Lifestyle modifications through DNA testing

Additionally, studies have shown that getting one’s genetic information might assist one’s lifestyle choices to be more customised. Direct-to-consumer genetic testing is already available from dozens of businesses for several reasons. The most well-known ones generate health projections based on genetic variants and provide details on common features, including physical and behavioural ones. Additionally, it provides hints about one’s heritage. The variety of health issues that these tests may predict is expanding along with public interest in DNA testing. This covers a person’s risk for particular cancers as well as conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It might be challenging to choose which option could be the best for you, though, given the wide range of choices on the market.   Not every deoxyribonucleic acid test is only used to diagnose major genetic illnesses. Some can identify specific mutations in a person’s DNA linked to particular qualities. Finding out that you could be inclined to possess a specific feature could motivate you to modify your lifestyle for the better and enhance your general health.  For instance, certain tests can reveal your unique fitness profile, vitamin, and skin needs, and even your tolerance to stress. They can also reveal whether you have a genetic predisposition to being lactose intolerant or not, as well as whether you have a higher sensitivity towards certain foods like carbohydrates or alcohol. Learn more about how our DNA test can help you. It’s considered the most advanced DNA test in Malaysia that we can provide, so we’d like to offer you our premium DNA test. You can take advantage of this offer and reap the benefits of getting a DNA test.