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Receive a complete health & wellness DNA profile that helps you to realigntowards a more wholesome lifestyle for an improved YOU.

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From your genetic profile, we provide a unique genetic insight into
128 traits across the following areas

What Our Customers Are Saying

They have done their myPreciseDNA tests and here is what they have to say about it

Of course I was skeptical at first. I always thought you the the only way to get the kind of report myPreciseDNA’s test were providing was through blood tests only. I was misinformed. The report gave me a clearer understanding on my wellbeing and open my eyes to the advancement of DNA tests.

Michele Liew

Growing up I never really liked seafood. I didn’t know why actually. I avoided seafood even more when on occasions when I have a little prawns or grabs, I’d go home to a severe rash. First thought allergy but never knew why until I stumbled upon myPreciseDNA and I not only confirmed it but found out my other minor allergies too. 

Saleha Rahman

My doctor recommended the myPrecise DNA test to me. I got on board and decided to give this test kit a try for my daughter and I especially because my daughter is adopted and I come from a long line of diabetic patients . I was curious to find out about my daughter’s health status. From the myPreciseDNA test I found the personality, nutrition and allergy results to be a huge eye opener. I also got a better understanding of my daughter’s health status too.

Adrian DeRozario

It’s All About You

Have you ever wondered about what makes you YOU? How do you improve on your health or general wellness? You can only know for sure via DNA tests that let you know which nutrients you need more than others, best ways to keep fit, common health risk, etc.

myPreciseDNA offers you various tests that analyse various traits to pinpoint your uniqueness, so that you can have the best version of you. Unravel your DNA now!

Here are some of the frequently asked questions

Here are just a few of the things people frequently ask about myPreciseDNA.If you don’t see your question here, get in touch with us.

Why do I do I need a DNA test?

Your DNA can tell you a lot about you like if you’re more sensitive to fat than others, whether you should incorporate more Vitamin C into your diet if you are more sensitive to caffeine than your friends, what type of exercises are more suitable for you, and many more.

Your DNA can even tell you if you’re more likely to develop certain types of disease such as Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, gout and more. Together, your DNA test will uncover a wide variety of important health insights.

We empower you to truly understand these unique puzzles about yourself and recommend actions you can take to begin your personalised nutrition and health journey.

Who is the test suitable for?

The test is suitable for anyone who is curious to understand how their DNA affects their nutrition, diet and workout plans.

Whether you want to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise smarter, or just be healthier, your DNA profile will provide you with valuable information on the most suitable diet and lifestyle for you.

How would I be tested?

We need your saliva sample to discover the missing puzzles in your DNA. DNA will be obtained from some white blood and inner cheeks skin cells found in the saliva sample.

How accurate is my report?

The genotyping process has a 99.9% accuracy validated. We process all test samples in our own laboratory.

All DNA categories tested are supported by a rigorous volume of research conducted by leading scientists and research institutes around the world.

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myPreciseDNA’s range of DNA tests is conducted at Synapse Sdn Bhd. Synapse uses the most advanced specialised equipments and is directed by a certified genetic pathologist.


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