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Gain insights into yourself with a DNA wellness package that reveals your unique genetic profile. Learn how your genetic traits dictate everything from your wellness to physical and mental health.

How It Works

With a simple and easy to use test kit. Full DNA test kit guide here.

Unlock Your True Self 

Receive a detailed report of your DNA. Understand the inner workings of your body and unlock your full potential


Achieve your optimal wellness by hacking your body’s inner mechanism. Capitalise on your running capacity or muscle strength. Lose weight systematically and manage it.


Learn about your genes that define your cognitive abilities and boost your reasoning, perception and intellectual capacity. Destress and improve your sleep patterns.


Common health conditions like high cholesterol, tendency to inflammation, predisposition to heart disease and diabetes determine your general health. Your genetic report defines your risks which gives you a reason to seek advice for prevention and treatment. Remember prevention is better than cure


Adequate intake of vitamins and minerals is not only key to prevention of diseases but also to maintain a balanced body and mind. With genetic information on your vitamin metabolism, you can make dietary changes to nourish yourself.


Add genetic depth to your skin and beauty regimen with information on your skin elasticity, predisposition to wrinkles, skin hydration collagen breakdown, antioxidant capacity and more. Make your beauty shine from within.


They have done their myPreciseDNA tests and here is what they have to say about it. Check out all our testimonials here

Who knew that doing a simple DNA test with myPreciseDNA could help me transform my lifestyle to be much healthier than before. I now understand my personal health on a much deeper level which not only makes me feel more relieved but confident about having more control over all aspects of my life

Jarrod Ephrem

I never knew what a DNA test was until my friend told me about myPreciseDNA. She inspired me to get my own DNA test done and I am thankful to her now because I am amazed after receiving my report, as I now truly understand my body, mind, and health in a way I never did before.”

Amanda Vashati

I highly recommend myPreciseDNA to anyone who wants to find out more about themselves in various aspects such as health, nutrition, and even skincare. I was hesitant to get my test done but I am truly grateful that my wife convinced me to. Now we both have a better grip on our understanding to care for our health needs..”

Zarul Azim

myPreciseDNA Experience

With myPreciseDNA, we want you to experience an era of Personalised Preventive Healthcare.

First Test in Malaysia

Our genetic risk for COVID-19 infection and severity will be revealed in your myPreciseDNA wellness report.

You are unique

Discover everything about yourself through Genetic Testing. Decoding the information encrypted in your genes can offer insights about the genetic tendencies of your body.

We care about you

myPreciseDNA enriches your life and opens frontiers to your true inner image. Your genes help you uncover your genetic treasure to realise your full potential.

Why Choose myPreciseDNA

myPreciseDNA, like your genetic profile, is unique in its aspects.

myPreciseDNA range of genetic tests are conducted by Synapse Sdn Bhd. Synapse Laboratory is an MS ISO 15189 certified medical laboratory and implements the most advanced specialised equipment and technology for Molecular Genetics.

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